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bridal shower spots

Most southern women prefer to have their bridal shower in the home of their grandmother or mother. Well there are just a few spots that I would like to recommend for the non traditional wedding planners. The Harding house in Nashville is a beautiful spot for ladies to gather and get their grub on and talk all things wedding, another excellent place is The Bell Tower. The Bell Tower is an amazing venue with beautiful views and architecture. Although these venues may be a little on the pricey side they are well worth it if you have some extra money to spend!

More Sweet Treats

Upon writing my last blog post I found another delicious option for a bakery in Hendersonville. Nothing Bundt Cakes is a relatively new bake shop on Indian Lake Blvd. I tried their red velvet bundtini as they call it and really just fell in love with it. I absolutely adore the little shop and they have so many different flavors to choose from! I was truly impressed! You can choose from a list of creative fun ideas for really any occasion. While they don’t specialize in wedding cakes this place would be perfect for any bridal shower or get together!

Sweet Dessert

Many people wonder where and how they can get the perfect wedding cake. Everyone likes their wedding cake a little different depending on the couple. We have personally chosen my aunt to make our cake in her own kitchen to kind of stick with the down home theme of our wedding, but I know of a couple of amazing bakeries in middle TN. Sweet n’ Sassy is one of my favorites. We have been going there to get birthday cakes for years and years. They really do an excellent job! I have never been, but I have been told that Five Daughters bakery in Nashville is great too. They have two locations in East Nashville and on 12 South.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a great way to get closer to your soon to be spouse before you tie the knot. Trey and I have decided to do counseling through our church in Gallatin, Freedom Church. Although churches do give a lot of great resources for counseling there are a lot of non church based premarital counselors around Nashville. By simply googling premarital counseling a lot of different places will come up. Although counseling does not work for everyone I have found it draws me nothing but closer to Trey. I have found out so much about him and the way we want to live our life together.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Flower girls and ring bearers can make or break your wedding. More times than not people choose little kids hoping they will do something cute or funny to lighten the wedding up a little. Some children can be a little too young for the job though. We ran into a huge problem early on when we had way too many kids to choose from to be in the wedding. We wanted both of our families to be involve, but we didn’t know how to do that without someone’s feelings getting hurt. Anyway, know it is always your choice who you have in your wedding and who do don’t. Cute little ring bearers and flower girls are essential to a cute wedding. Just be sure not to pick them too young or too shy. I also think it is important to take the flower girl and ring bearer to try on dresses and tuxedos with the rest of the party. Maybe not to every outing but it is so perfect to see their little faces light up when they know that they are a part of something. You can also shop online for some great little dresses and tuxes if you can’t take them out. David’s Bridal and Bridal Warehouse have some great cheap options for little ones.

Wedding Planning Websites

Anyone who has been a part of wedding planning has heard of websites like The Knot or Wedding Wire. These websites act as an online wedding planner where you can store all of your ideas and keep track of what you’ve already done. On Wedding Wire you are able to also keep track of your wedding registry at multiple stores. Both services offer on the go apps so you don’t have to set down at a desktop to plan. Just like everything else in the 21st century you can do it on the go. I haven’t really ¬†checked out The Knot very much but i would recommend Wedding Wire to any busy wedding planner!


Living in Nashville has it’s advantages, especially when it comes to music. Wedding Wire, my favorite wedding website, has a great list of DJs in your area no matter where you live. I recommend using a DJ if you want to play more trendy music, but a live band if you want a more personal touch. For us we decided to go with a DJ. We will be having a lot of young people at our wedding who want to dance, drink, and have a good time. We also have specific songs picked out for my father daughter dance and our first dance as a married couple. We haven’t chosen a specific DJ yet, but we hope to find the perfect one soon.


When picking your colors for your wedding it is important to see your venue first. I chose my colors after I saw my venue with all the beautiful sunflowers and rustic decoration. Grey and yellow seemed like the perfect colors for everyone. It is also important to correspond your colors with your dress. While most traditional dresses will be white some may decide to choose an off white or even a tan color, especially if you are getting remarried. They have plenty of wedding websites ¬†where you can look at unique colors incorporated in other people’s weddings so you can kind of see what it looks like.

Bridesmaid Jewelry

Charming Charlie is a great little boutique in Hendersonville inside the Streets of Indian Lake. Charming Charlie is a chain store that you can find almost any color and any type of jewelry you can imagine. They also have the cutest handbags and dresses you can imagine. If you have a good imagination you might even be able to find your bridesmaid dresses there! They are very reasonable priced, but the best part is you will be able to help your bridesmaids pick out jewelry they can wear on more than just one occasion!

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